Sunday, November 27, 2016

Skipping Childhood Author Launches Companion Blog

Skipping Childhood is Charm Baker's new novel and this author plans to promote the title aggressively in the year of 2017.  That is why the need for a companion blog to the book is being developed.

With the upcoming December 1, 2016 book launch of “Skipping Childhood:  A Novel”, I am happy to make my first post on this related blog site.  To get a better understanding for what this blog aims to provide, be sure to check out the About the Blog page as well as the About the Book page.  You can also take a quick peek at the About the Characters page so you will have a point of reference when certain topics are discussed.

Many new and existing authors often select topics to write about that they really know very little about when they start out.  In those instances, even for fiction writing, a subject needs to be well-researched to write about it effectively.  While this is often the case, it is definitely not the case with the novel:  Skipping Childhood.  As you will learn after browsing the pages on this blog, this author was more than familiar with the details and particulars needed to write this book.  It is this writer’s hope that the readers will get as much out of reading the book as the author got out of writing it.   

Skipping Childhood:  A Novel (From Abused Foster Child to Adolescent Serial Killer) is available for pre-release on Amazon now and will be in print in January 2017.