About the Characters


Diane Baxter:  
28 year old mother of the protagonist  

Diane Baxter is a drug addicted Chicago mother who is struggling to raise her only child Deandra alone.  First her only offenses are being too much of a party mom, spending too much time guzzling beer and smoking pot.  This leaves her little to no time to spend with her precious daughter, even at a very early age.  

Diane is known for being a likeable young woman; that is, until you actually get to know you.  She seems to have problems maintaining stable relationships, both of a platonic and a romantic kind.  A back stabber, a cheat, but those aren't her worse characteristics.  As her daughter starts to grow, Diane's constant neglect and verbal abuse turns into physical abuse as well.  When something devastating happens to her daughter, the wheels are set in motion for them to make a monumental change in their lives.  The only question is, is it really a change for the better?  

Deandra Ann Baxter (Andra):     
12 year old protagonist - daughter of Diane Baxter

Deandra Baxter has lived through a roller coaster life of ups and downs by the time she reaches age 12.  While the book provides a well-rounded background of her and her mother's life leading up to age 12, it is at that age that the story begins to really take a dark turn. 

Deandra is forced to endure the consequences of her drug addicted mother’s bad choices; choices that lead to an opportunist with predatory motives to try and steal Deandra's innocence.

Fans of serial killer stories know that they are generally older than 18 years old and serial killers are more often white than black.  Typically, women are less prone to be serial killers than men.  But Deandra Baxter is a rare breed of serial killer.  In Skipping Childhood, there emerges; a young black female serial killer who starts killing at the tender age of twelve.


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