Saturday, December 31, 2016

Upcoming Discussion on Serial Killer Movies


This week I've been focusing a lot on checking out various serial killer movies, and particularly those that were adapted from books.  I actually came across some interesting points regarding the variety of different types serial killers, especially in the movies.

To check out the discussion, feel free to visit my website at and stay alert for the posts that will be published on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (the first week in January).  That three part series will discuss just how atypical many of the movie serial killers are.  Of course I only talk about three different movies, but the killers in each of them are as different as night and day.

There are others that I actually plan to discuss at a future date, like the infamous "Dexter" the quirky serial killer who became so popular when he first came on the movie scene.  I think it's important to take a look at the mindset of all these killers, especially if I plan to keep writing about characters who kill for one reason or another.

Be on the lookout this coming spring because I actually plan to bring Deandra Baxter back in the next book.  She's my child serial killer in