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Skipping Childhood is a novel written by author Charm Baker and this blog is dedicated to ramblings about the book and all related topics.  The title refers to the upcoming posts as "ramblings" because there no particular method to the madness is planned, when it comes to what will be covered.  There are just so many related things to discuss!


The book is an adult novel not intended for minors (under 18), and the same  is true for this blog.  Some content contained here on the blog (and in the book) may contain profanity, but only in context with the material.  As the complete title implies, Skipping Childhood:  A Novel (From Child Abuse to Adolescent Serial Killer) deals with content of a mature and sensitive nature, material not meant for minors.

This blog is devoted to taking advantage of every opportunity to discuss various elements of the Skipping Childhood novel, not only plugging the title of the book.

Just take a moment to notice the many topics listed on the left hand side of this blog.  There, you will find the focus of this blog for the entire year of 2017.  While subjects won’t be addressed in any particular order, you can return and expect to find a variety of discussions on those topics.  The posts will be written from a fictional standpoint (whether about Skipping Childhood or some other title), as well as from a non-fictional standpoint.  For example, since Skipping Childhood is an African American urban novel that centers around revenge killings, this might be the subject of a future non-fiction blog post.  

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