Killing just ain't right, but neither is child abuse. 

Young South side Chicago mother Diane Baxter will never win any good parenting awards.  Her mother-daughter relationship with her only child Deandra Baxter is as dysfunctional as a family relationship can get.  Not only is Diane addicted to pills and alcohol, but she is also verbally and physically abusive to Deandra.

This dark urban drama takes a thrilling turn when twelve-year-old Deandra Baxter refuses to remain a victim to her mother’s friend who is a sexual predator.  When she takes matters into her own hands, the end result is murder.  The suspense begins to mount as one killing leads to another and Deandra tries desperately to survive life in foster care.

How will she cope with Diane’s abandonment and not knowing if her mother is dead or alive?  Can a borderline sociopath ever have true happiness?  Or will one final killing mean the death of her only chance for true love?

This is more than just a dark tale of murder for revenge.  This bad seed is the product of child abuse and her story is one of survival.

Deandra’s first instinct was to throw a rock down the ravine and try to hit him in the head.  Now that she had already tried to kill him, she had to make sure that she actually finished the job.  But she also had to be smart.  She couldn’t afford to do anything that might make it look like this wasn’t an accident.  When she shined the flashlight down where he was, she could see his twisted and contorted body.  His mouth was filling with blood from the internal injuries.  Deandra could detect a faint gurgling sound.  It was obvious that he was close to death, even though there was still the slightest movement.  She decided to do nothing.  Instead, she waited in the dark for close to an hour, making certain that the movement and gurgling had stopped.

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