Sunday, February 26, 2017

Following Up on the Skipping Childhood Novel

My plan to follow up on the Skipping Childhood novel has not gone exactly according to plan so far.  Even though the book was only released in December 2016, I told myself that by early spring of this year, I'd be close to releasing the sequel:  "Pedator's Revenge".  Thus far, I haven't really been doing any work on the second book, and I actually began to second guess the decision to follow up so soon.

Self-publishing Dilemmas

There are so many self-publishing dilemmas that we authors have to constantly consider, but the problem is, there are usually a number of differing opinions.  I've been advised that now is not the time to worry about the follow up to such a new title.  However other "experts" suggest if at all possible that you write book after book without letup.

This can be a hard choice to make when you know that the success of the first book is crucial to what happens with the second book.  On the other hand, a second book can often be just what an author needs to get more eyes on the first book.  As an author, I find the whole thing exasperating, but what can I say; that's the life of a writer!

My Decision

Since the decision ultimately comes down to the individual author, I suggest making the decision on a case by case basis.  For instance, if after publishing a book, you feel tired and burnt out, it is definitely time to stop writing and focus on something else.  On the other hand, if you finish a book and you're on fire inside from the anticipation of writing the next book, I say go for it!  That is how I felt at first about the idea for Predator's Revenge.  Only now, the flame is starting to die down.  That is how I know that I made a mistake to wait, and that is why I've decided to get a few chapters written at the start of the week.  So stay tuned and look for a post on Friday.  By then, I should have an update on the followup to Skipping Childhood: A Novel.  

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