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Charm Baker is a divorced single parent of one adult son. She currently resides in sunny California and enjoys spending time with family when she’s not busy writing.  She enjoys nature and doing “corny stuff” like taking long walks, going to the beach and park, and even camping when she can get away.  Her love of writing started early in life; much too far back to recall the exact moment. But Baker credits author Charles Keyes’ book: The Courage to Write for motivating her not just to write, but take her writing serious.

Charm Baker is more than just a writer and author of Skipping Childhood:  A Novel.   Baker is also a survivor of abuse, just like the protagonist of her book; abuse experienced both in and out of the foster care system.  There are numerous factual details referenced in various parts of Skipping Childhood that show evidence of this very fact.  It is these minute details based on personal knowledge that make the characters, places and scenes in the book so believable.  It is also what makes Skipping Childhood such a compelling story and gripping novel.

Charm Baker has been a longtime freelance writer for numerous blogs, websites and ghostwriting clients. Baker has authored a number of non-fiction ebooks on various topics. Her first novel: "Experimenting with Murder" (released in 2014) was an odd combination of suspense and fantasy. To date, this book has received very little notice and she plans to do a rewrite of the title, sometime in 2017. Her newest novel, "Skipping Childhood" (released December 1, 2016) is expected to surpass any previous expectations Baker may have had for the first book. Additionally, she has a third novel in the making, this time it’s a mystery about an historic Las Vegas casino.

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