Sunday, January 8, 2017

Finally a Book Review for New Skipping Childhood Novel


I chose the topic of "truth" today to discuss my first published book review for the "Skipping Childhood" novel.  I chose this phrase because I appreciate the truthfulness of what the reader had to say.  Not only because the reviewer rated the book a 4-star, but because she was honest and candid enough to share her thoughts about the ending.  The truth in her words (even the less than favorable ones) was not lost on me.

I celebrate the fact that a Reader has finished my book and posted the first Amazon review.  I am happy that Skipping Childhood:  A Novel” received a four-start rating as well as the flattering things that were said about the book.  But more importantly, I'm happy to have my book product page display evidence that someone is reading the book.

Hopefully, this is one book review that will soon be followed by many more.  But until then, I’m appreciative to receive even one.  To a self-published author, each and every review is like precious gold.  All of them matter in one way or another; yes even the negative ones.

As a writer, I am definitely interested in hearing what a Reader honestly thinks.  It’s funny how growing up under certain circumstances can teach you to have tough skin.  If any good came out of growing up to be a survivor, it’s the fact that I can usually take the toughest pill to swallow, and handle it with ease.  Clearly, this is something that can be useful in life, especially if you’re a creative person.  We’ve all heard the stories about how temperamental artists can be.  In many ways, this does  seem to describe me, but I’m also happy to  hear what other people think would make my work better.  At least I'm willing to listen and consider what they have to say.

If a Reader cares enough to share their thoughts and opinions, I respect and appreciate them enough to take their words under advisement, if not for the current project, at least for the next one.

I’m happy to report that the overall comments made about “Skipping Childhood “ were positive and insightful. The Reader demonstrated a genuine interest in the story, though they would have preferred a different outcome.  As the first to review the book, this Reader’s feedback will be especially remembered.

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