Thursday, January 26, 2017

Inspiration is Theme of New Book Promotion Website


Inspiration is a great word to have in mind as we go forward into the new year.  January is almost over already, and once we get into February, before you know it, it's Christmas again.  Inspiration should compel us to not drag our feet and let the year slip away from us unnoticed.  Remember how inspired you felt towards the end of December when you thought about all the goals and resolutions for 2017.  Well now is the time to stop dead in your tracks and evaluate if you're on track.  If you're not, now is the time to adjust your course.

My Inspiration

My inspiration for this year is the completion of "Skipping Childhood."  I'm inspired for having wrote and published a story that is so close to my heart.  I'm inspired by what the book has helped me to learn about my self.  I'm inspired by the fact that I was able to write without censorship of my thoughts, so that I could make my characters truly come alive and have depth.  I'm inspired because I know that having put so much of myself into this writing, there is no way that I won't be rewarded and pleased at the eventual success of the book.

Since inspiration is uppermost on my mind, I launched a new website to help me draw attention to the many books that we as authors AND readers derive inspiration from.  To check out what this site is all about and how you can submit a book inspired story, visit:

You can also read the recent article I wrote about the site:

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